Spring leagues, summer sessions and travel teams - now is the time to book your team for photos.

We are taking a limited number of teams, so book before space is full.

How we do photos

Step One

We photograph athletes separately to ensure great lighting, posing and expression in every image.


Step Two

We take a TEAM, Individual and buddy photo of EVERY team member and then extract their image for use in composites.

Be strong

Step Three

We meet with coaches to choose the layout for the team which ensures it matches your teams theme or event.

be you

Team Photos

Done Easily


How do you photograph extracuriclar activities ?

We meet with coaches, Activity Directors of any teams or groups that wants professional images of their teams taken. We decided on the best day and time where all members can attend and then choose design and plan the day of event.

Do I get to choose the backdrop?

Yes! I will show you all the backdrops that are available to you and you can use one of the 100's we have or we can create something super unique.

Since we composite image using a highlite background first, it makes it easy to switch the background.

How do we see the images and pay for them?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos for you to view. Most parents buy advance credits on photo day to use on packages. You can also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints!

How many pictures do you take?

We photograph our teams in a specific order so that we ensure team images are uniform.
Team image, Individual images (great for SENIOR banners) and then a buddy image if you have a sibling playing the same sport or better yet a family member coaching.

What do we wear?

Your team uniform makes that best photos. We like to see FULL GEAR, so that you can take advantage of different poses. If you only have a team polo, we recommend black pants.

Team photos seem boring - why are you different?

YES!! I love this question - we are different. We love to push boundaries and create. We do offer the traditional team images, but if you allow us time we can really make your team stand out. Just ask us to get HYPED and we'll take it from there!