Image of my parents - make sure to take them now so you will have them forever - We love you Papa, Fish on in Heaven!

Let's start your Journey

Let's get to know each other. As a mother of 5 I have lots to say, can be a super fast talker, or be a really good listener. I can never use enough exclamation points when typing, soooo, yea!!! I love new and creative ideas and get most of my crazy ideas on the fly and in the moment. My husband calls me Soprano, and its not because of my lovely singing voice! I get those shy awkward teen years, as well as the impatient family member and the one who knows it all. Got a toddler that runs, well we may just let them run till one of us is worn out! But get to know me. Call me, or let me call you when you have a moment or two to chat. Give me a hint at what your looking for by filling out the form below, or again, just call me: 907.276.9369 - either way works for me. Nice to almost meet you:)

Bonus points if it includes water and easy trails for toddlers and mamas to be!

Give us a ring - 907crowfox- 907-276-9369, text carol 425-233-7771