by land

Accompanying each tour is a diverse team of experts - from naturalists to born and raised Alaskans - who will share their knowledge and insights into the wildlife, landscape and local culture and their vast knowledge of photography skills.

Pricing & Packages

Juneau Walkabout

Explore downtown Juneau, learn about the mining town and visit some of the older buildings. Explore where gold was first discovered, then head to hidden water falls in the forest. 3 HRS

$275 per person

Douglas walkabout

Head to Douglas Island and visit the Treadwell mine. Cruise thru the ruins and search for hidden treasures in the sand. 3HRS

$225 per person

Mendenhall Glacier

Come see this glacier before it melts away. We'll take you along a few hidden trails to get the best views of the mighty Mendy by land. Along the way see wildlife and landscape that were carved by the ice long ago. 3HRS

$225 per person

Eagle Walkabout

Let's go see where the eagles are. We could find them at the docks, a stream near by or even hiding out in the forest. If we watch them long enough, we may even capture them swooping in for lunch! 4HRS

$325 per person

All of Juneau Walkabout

Let's see it all! We will start downtown and make our way out to the End of The Road! Stopping to see and capture anything that is along the way. Bears, Deer, Marmots, Salmon, oh hey squirrel!! 7HRS

$750 Per Person


How to we get to you?

If you are staying in Juneau, you can meet us and follow us in the comfort of your own vehicle.

If you are just visiting for the day off a cruise or quick stop over we will pick you up. Ride comfortable in one of vehicles and listen to stories or talk camera gear as we venture along the way to our locations.

What Do I wear?

We are in a temperate rainforest, so we suggest that you add layers so that you can add and take away if you get too cold or hot. A raincoat and waterproof shoes or boots are highly recommended as most guides like to cross streams.

What gear should I bring?

This is the hardest question to answer! All of it? No - bring a backpack that can hold your gear and you can carry for a mile or three walk/hike.