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Boys, boys, and more boys!! Melissa and Nathan stopped by today for a mini newborn session....which turned into a mini half (cause we were missing two siblings!) family session cause someone named Lincoln did NOT want to sleep. Mama even kept him up thru the other boys naps and he still wouldn't sleep. Mason and Liam were your typical boys. Full of energy and more energy! We thought that if we did a few images with the boys on the ground while Lincoln was awake he would soon fall asleep. He is just the chilliest baby out there. While Mason and Liam were jumping, crawling, squirming, knocking and fooling around, Lincoln just laid there watching us. So after 3 vs 3, we decided to take away three players and just me, mama, and baby Lincoln hung out trying to get him to fall asleep. Three hours after they arrived: he was still wide awake. Not till we put him in his car seat did he fall asleep. but that's ok. Well get his new born photos of just him in a few days! 3 Parents 0 - 3 Kids (all under 3!!) 50!!

UPDATE: November 1, 2015
ahhhh we just got back from Hawaii last week, and I told this mama I would have her images up by Halloween, but we were having so much fun dressing up our new baby for her first Halloweedn - we are a day late. So with out further waiting, here are some of the added images of Mr. Lincoln. He still didn't want to sleep. And like a typical baby peed all over his mamas nice clean bed. But she's a smart mama and had a protector sheet already under him :) I seriously don't know how she does it. I thought having the three boys at the house was hard, she had two or three more kids at home while we were trying to get Lincoln down for these images.

This Mama wins MOTHER of the YEAR award in my books!!! Smart, Beautiful, Funny, and had a broad of stunning kids too, plus even though her kids were trying to slam each others fingers in doors or drawers, she kept her calm and kissed all the boo boos away.

Enjoy Melissa and Nathan :)

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